December 2020

Iron treatment reduces the risk of hospitalization in people with heart deficiencies

Results, released simultaneously at the American Heart Association (AHA) 2020 virtual conference and in the journal The Lancet, show that patients who received the iron supplement were 26% less likely to be readmitted to the hospital for heart failure compared to the control group.

The close relationship between gambling and video games

Not all video games are the same in terms of addictive potential, nor all patterns of behavior can be considered risky. But the scientific community agrees, and also among some regulators, is that the so-called “reward boxes”, or loot boxes, seem to be on the border between video games and gambling.

Scientists discover the immunomodulatory activity of a drug that would improve the efficacy of immunotherapy against breast cancer

The team of Dr. Eva González-Suarez, from the CNIO and IDIBELL, and the team of Dr. Christos Sotiriou, from the Jules Bordet Institute, demonstrate that a drug already used to treat osteoporosis promotes the infiltration of immune cells in breast tumors.

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