Nanopolymer treatment prevents the formation of protein aggregates in neurons derived from Parkinson’s patients

One of the hallmarks of Parkinson’s disease is the abnormal accumulation of the α-synuclein protein that causes neuronal death responsible for motor impairments. Dendrimers are highly branched polymers that decrease α-synuclein accumulation in dopaminergic neurons derived from patient stem cells.

Sónar+D, IDIBELL and L’Hospitalet join forces to do a live experiment that will study the differences when it comes to discovering new music

Curiosity will be the object of study of the scientific experiment “Being a Curious Music-Mind” of IDIBELL with DJ Alicia Carrera, which will take place at the CCCB and Sala Salamandra on October 29 and 30.

Cervical cytologies are not sensitive enough to detect endometrial cancer

The screening programs of cervical cancers diagnosticated by cervical cytologies have reduced the incidence and mortality of this cancer. However, a retrospective study of IDIBELL and ICO that included 371 women treated at the Hospital de Bellvitge has shown that these tests are not effective for endometrial cancer diagnosis.

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