The health department will finance 3 IDIBELL’s projects on COVID-19

The projects include new therapies, the use of commercialized drugs for other indications and genetic studies, and some could reach the population before the end of the year.
The IDIBELL and the Bellvitge University Hospital projects are led by the groups of Dr. Jordi Carratalá, Dr. Rafael Mañez, and Dr. Xavier Solanich.
The call has been promoted by the General Directorate of Research and Innovation in Health (DGRI) with the collaboration of AQuAS and Biocat.

The papillomavirus vaccine prevents 90% of cervical cancers

An international multicenter study provides, for the first time, global estimations of the impact of human papillomavirus (HPV), and its vaccine, on the main types of associated cancer.
The research, the most rigorous and the widest to the date, has collected more than 18,000 samples from 50 countries.
The results reveal the high impact of the HPV vaccine on cancer prevention, being able to prevent 90% of cervical cancer.

IDIBELL holds the Kickoff Meeting AES 2019 Health Research Projects funded by the ISCIII

A new model of the worm C. elegans to progress in the study of a rare disease of the nervous system

The IDIBELL Neurometabolic Diseases group, with international collaboration, has identified a model of chromosome X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy (x-ALD) in the earthworm C. elegans, this is a rare disorder of the nervous system with no treatment available.
The model will permit to accelerate and reduce the price of the research, which is studying the mechanisms and the possible pharmacological targets for the neuronal alterations of this disease.
The earliest results of studies with this organism point to glial cells as a man responsible for the neurological damage caused by the disease.

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