IDIBELL holds the Kickoff Meeting AES 2019 Health Research Projects funded by the ISCIII


Last 27th of February, IDIBELL Kickoff Meeting AES 2019 took place at Mariano Rovira’s room from Duran and Reynals Hospital. This event was aimed at all researchers that have been awarded the Health Research Project in the “2019 Convene of the Strategic Action in Health 2017-2020” of Health Institute Carlos III.

During the session, inaugurated by Dr. Gabriel Capellá Munar, IDIBELL Director, we reviewed all the relevant aspects about the execution and monitoring of this type of project (duration, budged, modifications, justifications, etc.), to facilitate its management, answer questions and promote networking. The event was organized by Research Grant Management Office/Post-Award of IDIBELL, with the talks of its responsible, José Francisco Galve Agudo, as well as Valentín Lafuente Quintana.

The 25 awards, with a total import of almost 3 million euros, are co-financed by the European Fund of Regional Development, “FEDER, a way to make Europe”:

  • Montserrat García Martínez                                                               PI19/00226
  • Eduard Montanya Mias (CoIP: Noelia Téllez Besolí)                      PI19/00246
  • Xavier Matías Guiu                                                                               PI19/00317
  • Álvaro Aytes Meneses                                                                         PI19/00342
  • Xavier Altafaj Tardío                                                                            PI19/00348
  • Ricard Mesía Nin (CoIP: Marisa Mena Cervigón)                            PI19/00363
  • Evelyn Shaw Perujo                                                                              PI19/00373
  • Concepción Lázaro García                                                                   PI19/00553
  • Paula Jakszyn Filosof                                                                            PI19/00817
  • Óscar Murillo Rubio                                                                             PI19/00965
  • Stephane Fourcade                                                                              PI19/01008
  • Xavier Pinto Sala                                                                                   PI19/01032
  • Virginia Soria Tomás (CoIP: Marta Barrachina Castillo)                 PI19/01040
  • Xavier García Del Muro                                                                       PI19/01097
  • Mireia Díaz Sanchis                                                                              PI19/01118
  • Carles Soriano Mas                                                                              PI19/01171
  • José Manuel Menchón Magriña                                                        PI19/01184
  • Juan Jesús Martín Liberal                                                                    PI19/01210
  • Alberto Villanueva Garatachea                                                          PI19/01320
  • Josep Maria Grinyó Boira                                                                    PI19/01542
  • Carles Díez López                                                                                  PI19/01610
  • Oriol Bestard Matamoros                                                                   PI19/01710
  • Laura Costas Caudet                                                                            PI19/01835
  • Cristian Ochoa Arnedo                                                                        PI19/01880
  • Ramón Salazar Soler                                                                            PI19/01903

Initially, these projects will last in 3 years, starting on the 1st of January of 2020.

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