Tumour angiogenesis


Our research group at the ProCURE Program (Catalan Institute of Oncology) and OncoBell Program (IDIBELL) is focused on determining the consequences of adaptation and resistance to anti-angiogenic cancer therapy. For that we use translational research in murine models of cancer, particularly Kindey Cancer PDOX models and NeuroEndocrine transgenic models to study in vivo mechanisms of adaptation to anti-angiogenics, and validate our findings using clinical samples from our hospital and collaborating institutions.
Our scientific achievements have been published in prestigious journals in the field of cancer research with numerous "preview", "highlight" or commentary articles in high impact scientific journals. Furthermore, we have an important international position in the field of antitumor therapies and angiogenic resistance mechanisms.



Casanovas Casanovas, Oriol

Casanovas Casanovas, Oriol

Principal investigators

Casanovas Casanovas, Oriol

Casanovas Casanovas, Oriol


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  • Casanovas Casanovas, Oriol
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