Transformation and Metastasis


This group’s research aims to identify new therapeutic targets for cancer which can be directly translated into effective prevention or treatment strategies. Its aim is to understand the signalling pathways involved in the epithelial stem cell fate and homeostasis, their alterations during cancer and metastasis, and the interactions between tumour cells and their microenvironment.

The experience of the group’s members includes mammary-gland development, breast cancer and immunology.

 The group has a multidisciplinary focus and uses genetically modified mice models, patient-derived xenografts, clinical samples, organoids and 3D cultures, and molecular and cellular biology techniques to translate basic research into relevant clinical results.




Gonzalez Suarez, Eva

Gonzalez Suarez, Eva

Principal investigators

Gonzalez Suarez, Eva

Gonzalez Suarez, Eva


Group leaders
  • Gonzalez Suarez, Eva
Clinical researchers
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