April 2022

Psychosocial factors determine the effectiveness of self-care in patients with heart failure

Lack of family and social support and depressive symptoms are the main factors that impair patients’ ability to adopt healthy habits and practices.

A study presents MCLA-158, the first drug candidate targeting cancer stem cells from solid tumors

An international consortium led by IRB Barcelona and the biotech company Merus, with the participation of IDIBELL and the Catalan Institute of Oncology, presents the preclinical data leading to the discovery of MCLA-158 and its action mechanism on cancer stem cells.

Study of skin biopsies offers potential as new diagnostic marker for ALS

Researchers from IDIBELL, HUB, UAB and Hospital del Mar have identified the presence of an ALS biomarker outside the nucleus of skin cells of patients. The discovery can be very useful for cases in which diagnosis is difficult, or in those with a family history of ALS, and even for early diagnosis.

Researchers identify changes in lipids of neural regions affected by aging

A new study with the participation of IDIBELL showed that some brain regions especially involved in memory are the most affected by aging. Researchers have analyzed the lipid profile of 13 regions of the central nervous system of healthy individuals between the ages of 40 and 80 in order to identify changes in lipid patterns.

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