Cell signalling and bone biology


Our goal is to understand the signaling pathways involved in cell communication. We focus on how alterations in signaling can alter metabolism, pathophysiology, and bone regeneration, with the aim of finding new therapies by modification of these pathways.
This group is an association of two independent teams at the University of Barcelona; the group led by Dr. Jose Luis Rosa focusing on “Ubiquitin ligases in health and disease”, and the laboratory of “Signaling and bone biology” led by Dr. Francesc Ventura.



Ventura Pujol, Francesc

Ventura Pujol, Francesc

Principal investigators

Ventura Pujol, Francesc

Ventura Pujol, Francesc

Jose-Luis-Rosa Lopez

Rosa López, José Luis


Manzanares Céspedes, Cristina


Group leaders
  • Ventura Pujol, Francesc
Principal researchers
Postdoctoral researchers
Predoctoral researchers
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