Infections and Cancer

Infections and Cancer


The Infections and Cancer group focusses on the fight between viruses and hosts, from an evolutionary perspective: the antiviral mechanisms which animals have developed and the antiviral strategies which have contributed to virus selection. It researches the connection between infection and cancer, as exemplified by the human papilloma virus (HPV).



Strategic lines
Human papilloma virus (HPV) and genital cancer.
HPV and cancer of the oesophagus, oral cavity, skin, vagina, vulva, penis and anus.
Hepatotropic viruses (hepatitis B and C virus - HBV, HCV) and cancer of the liver.
Trials on HPV vaccination and intervention studies on cancer prevention.
Infectious aetiology of malignant lymphomas.
WHO/ICO HPV and Cervical Cancer Information Centre.
Development of logistics instruments for coordination and diffusion of information regarding viruses and cancer.
Screening and prevention of genital cancer.
Evaluation of virus detection technologies.
Financial modelling and evaluation of cancer prevention measures.
Selected Publications

Kolijn PMM, Saberi Hosnijeh F, Späth F, Hengeveld PJ, Agathangelidis A, Saleh M, Casabonne D, Benavente Y, Jerkeman M, Agudo A, Barricarte A, Besson C, Sánchez MJ, Chirlaque MD, Masala G, Sacerdote C, Grioni S, Schluze M, Nieters A, Engelfriet P, Hultdin M, McKay JD, Vermeulen RCH, Langerak AW. HIGH-RISK SUBTYPES OF CHRONIC LYMPHOCYTIC LEUKEMIA ARE DETECTABLE AS EARLY AS 16 YEARS PRIOR TO DIAGNOSIS. Blood. 2022;139(10):1557-1563. doi:10.1182/blood.2021012890.

Watson Jones D, Changalucha J, Whitworth H, Pinto L, Mutani P, Indangasi J, Kemp T, Hashim R, Kamala B, Wiggins R, Songoro T, Connor N, Mbwanji G, Pavon MA, Lowe B, Mmbando D, Kapiga S, Mayaud P, de Sanjosé S, Dillner J, Hayes RJ, Lacey CJ, Baisley K. Immunogenicity and safety of one-dose human papillomavirus vaccine compared with two or three doses in Tanzanian girls (DoRIS): an open-label, randomised, non-inferiority trial. Lancet Glob. Health. 2022;10(10):1473-1484. doi:10.1016/S2214-109X(22)00309-6.

Herzog C, Marín F, Jones A, Evans I, Reisel D, Redl E, Schreiberhuber L, Paytubi S, Pelegrina B, Carmona Á, Peremiquel Trillas P, Frias Gomez J, Pineda M, Brunet J, Ponce J, Matias Guiu X, de Sanjosé S, Alemany L, Olaitan A, Wong M, Jurkovic D, Crosbie EJ, Rosenthal AN, Bjørge L, Zikan M, Dostalek L, Cibula D, Sundström K, Dillner J, Costas L, Widschwendter M. A Simple Cervicovaginal Epigenetic Test for Screening and Rapid Triage of Women With Suspected Endometrial Cancer: Validation in Several Cohort and Case/Control Sets. J. Clin. Oncol. 2022;40(33):3828-doi:10.1200/JCO.22.00266.

Paytubi S, Benavente Y, Montoliu A, Binefa G, Brotons M, Ibanez R, Ochoa C, Peremiquel Trillas P, Serrano B, Travier N, Alemany L, Costas L. Everything causes cancer? Beliefs and attitudes towards cancer prevention among anti-vaxxers, flat earthers, and reptilian conspiracists: online cross sectional survey. BMJ-British Medical Journal. 2022;379doi:10.1136/bmj-2022-072561.

Bruni L, Serrano B, Roura E, Alemany L, Cowan M, Herrero R, Poljak M, Murillo R, Broutet N, Riley LM, de Sanjose S. Cervical cancer screening programmes and age-specific coverage estimates for 202 countries and territories worldwide: a review and synthetic analysis. Lancet Glob. Health. 2022;10(8):1115-1127.

Selected Projects


CEE21039. PERCH: PartnERship to Contrast HPV. COMISSIÓ EUROPEA. Budget: 409468,03. 2022-2025. PI: Brotons Agulló, Maria.

MCI22005. WOMEC ADVANCED : NUEVAS APROXIMACIONES PARA EL DIAGNÓSTICO DE CÁNCER DE ENDOMETRIO. Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. Budget: 194288. 2022-2025. PI: Costas Caudet, Laura.

19CEE002. HEADSpAcE: Translational studies of HEAD and neck cancer in South America and Europe. COMISSIÓ EUROPEA. Budget: 249985. 2019-2023. PI: Alemany Vilches, Laia.

PNJ22019. Reduction of VIral InFectivity and Transmission in HPV positive women before and after vaccination with GARDASIL-9. The effect in oral and anal body fluids and after 1- or 2- vaccine doses (RIFT-HPV II). MERCK SHARP & DOHME ESPAÑA S.A.. Budget: 140478,25. 2021-9999. PI: Bosch José, Francesc Xavier.

FIS21057. Human papillomavirus protection index (HPV-PI). Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII). Budget: 47190. 2022-2024. PI: Bruni Coccoz, Laia.


Alemany Vilches, Maria Eulalia

Principal investigators


Alemany Vilches, Maria Eulalia


Benavente Moreno, Yolanda


Bosch Jose, FcoJavier


Ibáñez Pérez, Raquel


Bruni Coccoz, Laia


Company Serrat, Assumpta


Pavon Ribas, Miquel Angel


Costas Caudet, Laura






Group leaders

Group leaders

  • Alemany Vilches, Maria Eulalia

Principal investigators

  • Benavente Moreno, Yolanda
  • Bosch Jose, Francesc Xavier
  • Bruni Coccoz, Laia
  • Pavon Ribas, Miquel Angel
  • Company Serrat, Assumpta
  • Costas Caudet, Laura
  • Ibáñez Pérez, Raquel

Clinical researchers

  • Brotons Agulló, Maria
  • Fernandez Montoli, María Eulalia

Postdoctoral researchers

  • Albero Abril, Ginesa
  • Casabonne, Delphine
  • Diaz Sanchis, Mireia
  • Mena Cervigon, Marisa
  • Paytubi Casabona, Sonia
  • Robles Hellin, Claudia
  • Serrano Carro, Beatriz
  • Quirós Blasco, Beatriz
  • Carmona Pestaña, Álvaro

Predoctoral researchers

  • De Andrés Pablo, Álvaro
  • Gómez Guillén, David
  • Peremiquel Trillas, Paula
  • Wang , Xin
  • Choulli Amgait, Maryam

Scientific support

  • Asensio Puig, Laura
  • Bermúdez Carré, Carla
  • Camon Melguizo, Vanesa
  • Carretero Garcia, Maria Gema
  • Clavero Carletti, Omar
  • Collado Contreras, Juan José
  • Esteban Miró, Ana
  • Florencia Melgarejo, Yolanda
  • Frias Gomez, Jon
  • Gnutti Sandiumenge, Gerard
  • Guijarro Larraz, Patricia
  • Monfil Herrera, Laura
  • Muñoz Villanueva, Jesus
  • Rodilla Pamies, Frederic
  • Romero Clara, Olga
  • Roura Fornells, Esther
  • Ruiz Carrasco, Francisco Javier
  • Tous Belmonte, Sara
  • Vergara Muñoz, Marleny
  • Morey Cortès, Francisca
  • Perez Rosado, Ana Maria

Management support

  • Paton Morales, Natividad
  • Salinas Hidalgo, Diana
  • Montserrat Moreno, Mireia

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