Year: 2021

Exercise prevents neuronal damage caused by lung cancer treatment

A study of IDIBELL, ICO, and Bellvitge University Hospital shows that exercise not only prevents the loss of neuronal tissue caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Also, patients who follow sports guidelines increase the volume of gray matter in the brain regions involved in memory and learning functions, such as the hippocampus.

A new study about the reprogramming of lipid metabolism to combat cellular hepatocarcinoma

A work coordinated by Isabel Fabregat – group leader of TGF-β and Cancer group at IDIBELL and CIBEREHD – University of Barcelona – studies the reprogramming of lipid metabolism and provides new perspectives for the possible use of fatty acids and mitochondrial oxidative metabolism in new pharmacological approaches to decrease the metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma.

A mouse model to predict the response to the treatment of a myeloma patient

Researchers from IDIBELL and ICO have used an orthotopic mouse model to expand the myeloma patient’s tumor tissue to study his molecular characteristics and response to different treatments.

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