Digestive system, diagnostics, pharmacogenetics, care support and clinical prevention Program


The Digestive System, Diagnosis, Pharmacogenetics, Nursing and Clinical Prevention Programme is committed to a multidisciplinary approach within the field of translational medicine, with the objective of adding value and incorporating differentiating features into the research conducted at IDIBELL. *

In this context, the programme supports different areas that combine this vision and carry out their care, teaching and research activities at the Bellvitge University Hospital and at the University of Barcelona. The areas covered by the programme are based on a clinical-care overview.   It has a significant impact in the area of gastrointestinal diseases, supplemented by imaging and pharmacology support. The programme also incorporates a holistic vision with the inclusion of preventive medicine and nursing. Within a more specific scope, it addresses oral and maxillofacial health.

One important challenge of the programme is to integrate research activity in fields that, until now, were considered to be supplementary, but which now have their own course.





Principal investigators

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