Outstanding and award-winning participation of professionals from the Nursing Research Group in the international care research meeting

During the XVII International Care Research Meeting, held in Valladolid between November 15 and 17, nursing professionals from the Bellvitge University Hospital (HUB) and IDIBELL researchers presented a total of four communications. One of them, led by Jordi Adamuz, won the award for the best communication of the meeting, which was organized by the Health Care and Services Research Unit (INVESTÉN) of the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII).


The award-winning communication by Jordi Adamuz, entitled “Asociación de la omisión de cuidados y el contexto organizativo en 11 hospitales catalanes”, presents the main results of a multicenter study in which 1,471 nurses from the 8 ICS hospitals and 3 ICO centers participated with the goal of determining the characteristics of the organizational context of hospital centers that are associated with omission and intensity of care, and the clinical results of hospitalized patients.


The results of the first phase of the project were presented, showing that the main omitted care is related to basic patient care such as oral hygiene, assistance with ambulation or attendance to interdisciplinary meetings, and the main reasons are the lack of human resources and interprofessional communication. Furthermore, analyzes with multivariate models confirm that organizational contexts with more favorable environments are associated with less omission of care. These results encourage the implementation of changes in the organizational environments of the participating centers to improve the provision of nursing care. This study led by Jordi Adamuz and Maria Eulàlia Juvé Udina (principal investigators of the GRIN-IDIBELL Nursing Research Group) has been funded by the AES 2021 calls and by the Official College of Nurses of Barcelona.


During the international meeting, Amparo Grijota, nurse from the Infectious Diseases/Imported Diseases and Tuberculosis program, presented two communications: ¿Qué podemos esperar del Quantiferon-TB Gold Plus en el diagnóstico de la tuberculosis activa? On one side and for the other: Estudio de contactos de tuberculosis: ¿se puede prevenir el riesgo de infección?.


Finally, Emilio Jiménez, clinical nurse from the Infection Control Unit presented the communication Fracaso del catéter intravenoso periférico, cobertura enfermera y factores de complejidad de cuidados.


The International Care Research Meeting, organized by IVESTÉN-ISCIII, was held in Valladolid in conjunction with the 10th Ibero-American Congress of Qualitative Health Research. This is the largest nursing research meeting held in the country and facilitates the exchange of knowledge on results from research in different areas of care. Furthermore, the Meeting has combined the presence of speakers of recognized international prestige with that of new research talents, thanks to the V Conference of Doctoral Students, which has been developed in parallel.


The meeting has also included an optional training program, with the inclusion of workshops on quantitative and qualitative research methodology, symposia and other activities.

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