IDIBELL launches its International Ph.D. Training Program

  • Today is the official presentation of the International Ph.D. Training Program and personalities involved in the program will give us some details about it.
Phd programme

The objective of the IDIBELL International Ph.D. Training Program is to provide to the newly incorporated researchers the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their research. This program aims to help them develop their full potential to become independent researchers in the future.

Today, we officially present this program in an online session that will include the participation of the Scientific Director, José Manuel Menchón, the Director of the Organization and People Area, Marina Rigau, as well as the Head of the Talent Unit, Raül Delgado-Morales, and the representative of the of Predoctoral Researchers Committee, Cecilia Velasco. You can join the event through this link.

The program will offer training in the areas established by the Vitae Research Development Framework (RDF). RDF organizes into four domains that cover the knowledge, behaviors, and attributes of researchers. These domains have been aligned with the vision, mission, and objectives of IDIBELL as an institution. Likewise, during the training, seminar attendance will be promoted in order to expand researchers’ formation beyond their expertise area. The aim is to promote the development of transversal competencies and combined learning encompassing different formats.

In parallel, the program wants to support international predoctoral researchers during their reception process. Thus, before their arrival, new researchers will be assigned an IDIBELL ambassador. The ambassadors, volunteer pre-doctoral researchers, will help international researchers by providing information about the area and facilitating their transition at IDIBELL. They will also welcome newcomers and coordinate visits to the facilities. The Ambassador Program has been developed by staff from the Talent Unit within the framework of the Training and Professional Development Program of IDIBELL (Arete Program) and is supported by the scientific community.

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