Business development and Innovation

The Business development and Innovation Area, has the purpose of connecting academia and industry in order to promote innovative ideas to the market and therefore to society, by supoporting professionals along the process.

The Area is responsible for evaluating the innovation projects created at IDIBELL in order to encourage the establishment of research-industry translational collaborations. It is composed by two units: Business development and Innovation.

The Innovation Unit  is in charge of evaluating and valuing innovative research projects and supporting the generation of project development strategies and their protection through industrial/intellectual property, as well as looking for industrial partners for financing and transfering to market.

The Business Development Unit is in charge of seeking alliances, proposing strategies for the profitability of research projects and raising new institutional business opportunities, as well as monitoring all agreements already signed with the industry.

Souto Mora Miguel Angel

Miguel Ángel Souto Mora


+34 93 607 38 00 + Ext 3781


Area Director
  • Souto Mora, Miguel Ángel
Heads of Unit
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