Resistance and Progression Mechanisms in Prostate Cancer


Dr Aytes’s research exploits genetically engineered mouse prostate cancer models to uncover mechanisms of progressión towards advanced, therapy resistant prostate cancer. The group uses computational approaches for cross-species analysis of phentoypic and preclinical data from a range of high-throuhput molecular profiling. Of particular interest is the role of the epigenetically modulated changes in gene regulatory programs in therapy resistance. The lab is also interested in identifying molecular biomarkers for patients stratification and to preddict responses to standard of care and experimental therapies. Finally the lab is also heavily invested in identifying new targets through synthetic lethal interactions with AR signaling inhibitors and other approved drugs using CRISPR/Cas screening s in vitro and in vivo.



Aytes Meneses, Alvaro

Aytes Meneses, Alvaro

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  • Aytes Meneses, Alvaro
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