iScience DOI: (10.1016/j.isci.2020.101296)

Identified genes that predispose to cancer by impairing the protective function of the immune system

The study shows that the involvement of certain genes that predispose to cancer also affects the immune system, which could facilitate tumor growth.
In the specific case of breast cancer, the involvement of the SH2B3 gene, corresponding to a lymphocyte protein, increases the predisposition to develop cancer.

Blood vessels development depends on the maturation state of the pericytes that enclose them

Many diseases are associated with a dysregulation in blood vessel formation. Now an IDIBELL group has defined a model of pericyte maturation during vessel formation and has developed tools to study them, which could help to decipher their contribution to these diseases.

The P-CMR[C] launches its website

The Program for advancing the Clinical Translation of Regenerative Medicine of Catalonia (P-CMR[C]), which aims to group research on stem cells in Catalonia, now has its own space in internet.

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