Viladecans Against Cancer donates € 20,000 to IDIBELL for research on COVID-19

  • The Coordinating Association “Viladecans contra el Càncer” has been collaborating with IDIBELL since 2016.
  • This year, the funds will be used for research into personalized medicine against COVID-19.

On Tuesday, February 1st, the Coordinating Association “Viladecans Contra el Càncer” has made a donation of € 20,000 to IDIBELL. The event was attended by representatives of the collaborating associations and by Maria Gato, director of the Association, Carles Ruiz, Viladecans mayor, and Dr. Gabriel Capellá, IDIBELL director.

The funds will be used for research against COVID-19. “Finding genetic markers that help us identify those patients with the higher risk of suffering complications can allow us to act in time.” Explains Dr. Gabriel Capellá, director of IDIBELL. “It is also important to determine the genetic traits that confer resistance to the virus, as they may be useful in designing treatments.” All of this is currently being studied at IDIBELL in order to contribute, through personalized medicine, to improving patient management in times of pandemic.

This association began collaborating with IDIBELL in 2016, raising funds for cancer research. Due to the health crisis, however, the Association decided to redefine its goal in an exceptional way to help fund research on COVID-19. Since then, they have made very significant contributions to various campaigns such as #BellvitgeInvestiga, #AmbUnSomrir or “Superheroes without a cape”.

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