The relevance of our female mentors

  • Today, February 11th is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, and we want to highlight the importance of having mentors.
NO17 - 11F - Imatge

Today, February 11th is the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This day was proclaimed in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly to encourage actions that promote the visualization of female work in science and help to create new female roles in the field.

Almost a tradition, IDIBELL will hold the sLHAm of females scientist on Friday 11th February in the Barradas Auditorium in Hospitalet. This year it will be a special edition with the monologues of the most voted IDIBELL scientists in recent years.

Throughout this week, we have been sharing a campaign on IDIBELL’s social media to highlight the importance of having female referents. In it, each of the monologuists from the sLHam has presented us their mentor, referent, or partner, someone who has helped them get where they are now.

Marisa Mena, postdoctoral researcher at infections and cancer research group



Avelina Tortosa, principal investigator at apoptosis and cancer research group



Mercè Martí, head of IDIBELL’s scientific and technical services



Mireya Plass, head of the research group on gene regulation of cell identity



Carmen Ardanuy, principal investigator of the bacterial infection epidemiology group. Research of the pathogenesis and molecular basis of antimicrobial resistance.



Meritxell Rovira, head of the pancreas regeneration research group. Pancreatic progenitors and their niches.



Susana Jiménez, co-head of the research group on psychoneurobiology of eating disorders and addictive behaviors.



Isabel Fabregat, head of the TGF-beta and cancer research group.



We want to finish the campaign with the reflections of 4 high school science students from the Bellvitge Institute, who explain their motivations, their plans, and who their referents are.


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