November 2020

Identified a biomarker that predicts the increase in malignancy that antiangiogenic therapy can cause in kidney cancers

An IDIBELL-ICO study has identified that not only that antiangiogenic chemotherapy can induce more aggressiveness and malignancy in kidney tumors, but also, they have identified a biomarker to predict in which patients this may happen. These discoveries are another step towards making cancer therapy more personalized every day.

Jordi Carratalà and Fernando Fernández Aranda, new professors at the University of Barcelona

Drs. Jordi Carratalà, the coordinator of the Infectious Diseases and Transplants Program, and Fernando Fernández Aranda, principal investigator of the Psychiatry and Mental Health Group, both from IDIBELL and the Bellvitge University Hospital, have recently won the respective chairs of the Faculty of Medicine and Sciences of the Health of the University of Barcelona (UB).

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