La Marató TV3 funds six IDIBELL research projects


Six IDIBELL researchers will be funded by La Marató TV3 2012 dedicated to the fight against cancer. There are Josep Maria Borras from the Prevention and control of cancer group , Eva González -Suárez , Head of Transformation and metastasis group , Sonia Guil of Cancer Epigenetics Group , Alex Vaquero leader of the Chromatin Biology group, Antoni Rosell from Pneumology group and Angels Fabra from biological Keys invasive and metastatic phenotype group.

The aids have been delivered on 12 November during a ceremony held at the Biomedical Research Park of Barcelona which submitted Ariadna Oltra and Oscar Dalmau, and has attended Boi Ruiz , Minister of Health , Jaume Casals , rector of UPF , and Brauli Duart , president of the Catalan Broadcasting Corporation and the TV3 Marathon Foundation .

Susanna Puig , one of the researchers rewarded , thanked on behalf of all the researchers the contributions received and stressed that while researchers always work with responsibility, if the funds they receive “come from a project like La Marató, and therefore, society, this feeling is more powerful ” .

La Marató Record

La Marató 2012 will distribute more than 11 million in 42 projects in cancer research . This is the most important investment in research that the Foundation has made in the 21 editions of the program, thanks to the record collection which won La Marató 2012. This exceptional injection of funds will enable cancer research over the next three years , the 79 scientists awarded will work on the creation of new methods of prevention and diagnosis of cancer and in the design of more effective therapies based on personalized medicine.

Of the 42 projects funded , 19 are unitary and 23 coordinated between two or three research , which involves the networking of research institutions Catalan with other Spanish and international scope.

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