Manel Esteller receives a Merck Serono Research grant

Premiados Merck Serono 2012 (1)

Dr. Manel Esteller, from the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL), has received a Merck Serono Research grant in the research area in molecular basis of rare diseases and their clinical implications for the project “Epigenetic characterization of Sotos Syndrome. Evaluation of the pharmacological treatments use aimed at enhancing the expression of microRNAs”.

After 20 years, the Merck Serono Research Grants remain a strong commitment to biomedical research in Spain. An investment of €140,000 have been awarded seven research works in Allergology, Cardiometabolism, Endocrinology, Rare Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Fertility and Oncology.

The Fundación Salud 2000 has handed the Merck Serono Research Grants 2012 to the award-winning researchers by Carmen Vela, Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, Belén Crespo, Director of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices, and María Gasset, Assistant Vice President Assistant in Scientific Technical Areas of Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), and the event held at the CSIC headquarters.

“Merck Serono Research grants are a clear sign of our commitment to research and development of innovative projects. It is an activity that we developed since our inception, but is especially valuable in times like these, in which the support and research funding through a delicate moment”, said Carmen Gonzalez Madrid, CEO of the Fundación Salud 2000. “Our main goal is to continue to support biomedical innovation in Spain and, thus, contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of patients suffering from diseases as prevalent as cancer or as disabling as multiple sclerosis, among others”, she concludes.

Merck Serono Research grants celebrated its twentieth anniversary, having become a leader in research and development. “Our goal is to continue alongside health professionals, investing in research projects of high quality that they become important medical breakthroughs”, said Rogelio Ambrosi, President of the Board of Fundación Salud 2000. “Also, every day becomes stronger the need for public-private partnership to advance in the development of research, since the ultimate goal of biomedical science is to develop treatments that help to improve the health of patients, and as consequence of the whole society.”

Merck Serono Research Grants, convened annually since 1991, are intended to fund unpublished research projects, leaded by Spanish researchers and developed in Spain. Each awarded project will receive a grant of 20,000 euros.

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