Science outreach

IDIBELL works to make its research known and understandable by all the society. Researchers must approach citizens to identify their concerns, problems and priorities. On the other hand, citizens must be able to find spaces where they can strengthen their scientific and health comprehension, and where they can enjoy the findings generated with public resources. Only by enhancing this dialogue will we promote critical thinking and the roots of scientific culture as an engine of well-being and social advancement.

In the field of scientific dissemination, IDIBELL works to establish effective channels of cooperation between science and society to communicate the excellent research of its professionals and the social and responsible conscience of the centre, to strengthen relations with the territory and Bellvitge health and research institutions, to train researchers in outreach skills and, finally, to explore new communication formats and innovative formulas to promote citizen participation in science.

Featured activities


The Bellvitge Campus research and health institutions open day aimed at all citizens. SINERGIA wants to show the innovative biomedical research carried out in the scientific and medical infrastructures of Bellvitge, one of the most active poles in research. At L'Hospitalet, research and innovation are synergistic agents of health.

Stand-up Science

"Stand-up Science" is an IDIBELL audiovisual dissemination project, where young researchers explain their research projects in a fun and entertaining way. The videos are available to everyone on the IDIBELL YouTube channel. Their monologues can also be seen live at outreach events.

sLHam of scientists

The "sLHam" of IDIBELL scientists celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. It stars researchers and professionals from the center, who present their research and scientific work in 5-minute ingenious and fun monologues. The public, voting live, decides who is the winner.

Visits to laboratories

All the people who support "La Marató de TV3" are invited to visit our research center and talk with the researchers who have received funding of this annual solidarity initiative. IDIBELL also organizes regular visits to our laboratories for patient associations, donors, volunteers or teaching staff, among others.

Research and health

"Research and health, we are close to you" conference series aims to raise awareness and provide citizens with up-to-date information on projects to advance the treatment and care of diseases. These sessions commemorate the international days of various diseases and have the support of patient associations.

"Pessics de ciència"

IDIBELL actively collaborates with the “Pessics de ciència” cycle, a project of the Sant Josep Cultural Center in L'Hospitalet, which includes conferences, exhibitions, audiovisual resources and visits, with the aim of communicating the Institute's projects and increasing the interest in science among the youngest.

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