Preclinical and experimental research in thoracic tumors (PReTT)


The PReTT group focuses on the study of novel therapeutic strategies in thoracic tumours combining basic molecular and patient-oriented translational research, bioinformatics, and also design and development of investigator-initiated clinical trials. In terms of basic research, we study the mechanisms through which tumour cells die in response to different treatments and stimuli. Analysing the responses both at cell and tumour microenvironment level, including the immune system and metabolic status. On the translational side, our focus is the validation of diagnostic and treatment response biomarkers in order to improve the clinical management of thoracic tumours. At the bioinformatics level, the aim is to improve the stratification of thoracic tumours and the identification of potentially novel treatments tailored to the molecular characteristics of the patient.




Muñoz Pinedo, Cristina

Nadal Alforja, Ernesto Samuel

Nadal Alforja, Ernest


Group leaders
  • Muñoz Pinedo, Cristina
  • Nadal Alforja, Ernest
Principal investigators
Clinical researchers
Postdoctoral researchers
Predoctoral researchers
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Management support
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