Breast cancer


The Breast Cancer research group aims to better understand breast cancer development, the onset of subtypes and their therapeutic response/resistance. In particular, the group’s research is focussed on: positive tumours with oestrogen receptors and endocrine resistance; HER2-centred resistance; triple-negative and BRCA1/2 germline mutation breast cancer, and specific therapies in these settings. The group works towards deciphering and integrating the molecular mechanisms that are affected by the germline (by common gene variations and rare mutations) and somatic (tumour) levels which affect carcinogenesis and tumour development. This is a multidisciplinary team which combines the experience of clinical, pathological and translational researchers.



Genestar Pujana, Miguel Angel

Genestar Pujana, Miguel Angel


Group leaders
  • Genestar Pujana, Miguel Ángel
Principal investigators
Clinical researchers
Postdoctoral researchers (R2)
Predoctoral researchers (R1)
Scientific support
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