Blood vessels development depends on the maturation state of the pericytes that enclose them

Many diseases are associated with a dysregulation in blood vessel formation. Now an IDIBELL group has defined a model of pericyte maturation during vessel formation and has developed tools to study them, which could help to decipher their contribution to these diseases.

Artificial intelligence applied to clinical oncology

ModGraProDep is an innovative system that, through artificial intelligence and the design of probabilistic models, improves the prediction of survival indicators in breast cancer patients. This study, published in the journal Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, has been led by Ramon Clèries, professor at the Department of Clinical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine and Health …

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The P-CMR[C] launches its website

The Program for advancing the Clinical Translation of Regenerative Medicine of Catalonia (P-CMR[C]), which aims to group research on stem cells in Catalonia, now has its own space in internet.

Laura Valle has received the CIBERONC 2020 award

The researcher Laura Valle has been awarded the CIBERONC 2020 award at the IV Annual CIBERONC Meeting held at the National School of Health of the Carlos III Health Institute in Madrid. Laura Valle, a principal investigator in the IDIBELL hereditary cancer group and CIBERONC researcher, has received the Best CIBERONC 2020 Researcher Award. The …

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