Stand-up science has started preparing IDIBELL scientists to become a science YouTubers

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IDIBELL and Torre Barrina collaborate on the new edition of the Stand-up science project, created to promote scientific dissemination and enhance the communication skills of scientists. The main objective is to create a platform for scientists to reach all audiences, especially adolescents and young people, and promote the knowledge of science and IDIBELL. The project prepares participants to create an informative talk, defend their thesis, and produce a science video.

The project combines the strategies developed in the Hospitalet for innovation in scientific communication and cultural management. This third edition takes place in a health emergency scenario where everyone looks to science and highlights the need to disseminate scientific knowledge all around.


Scientific monologues and YouTube videos


This year six IDIBELL scientists participated in Stand-up science 2020, organized in a hybrid format that has combined online training and face-to-face experiences. All in collaboration with Eduscopi, a company dedicated to communication, popularization, and scientific education.

On the one hand, the participants have been prepared to create an informative science talk in living, talks that were the protagonists of the scientific monologues that took place on September 4 at the Summer Experience of the Collblanc-la Torrassa District.

And on the other, the participants have been trained in the production of a scientific video on YouTube. In this case, Torre Barrina, equipment of the Education, Innovation, and Culture Area, hosted the filming last Friday, September 10. The videos are currently in production but stay tuned to the IDIBELL YouTube channel and don’t miss them!


Stand-up science is an initiative promoted by the Hospitalet City Council and IDIBELL, promoted within the Territorial Specialization and Competitiveness Project (PECT), framed in the RIS3CAT and the FEDER Catalonia 2014-2020 operational program “L’Hospitalet, ecosystem health innovator “.


New piece originally published at the Hospitalet council web (link)

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