Students from the “els Jesuïtes de Bellvitge” give their Vodafone Foundation award to IDIBELL

Presentació projecte finalista

The ‘Junt@s por el clima’ project, developed by 4th-year ESO students from the Joan XXIII center at Jesuïtes de Bellvitge, has been awarded with the Vodafone Foundation’s ‘Project Lab’ prize. These awards are given to sustainable development projects, in which students design new initiatives to improve some aspect of the society where they live, always following the 17 sustainable development aims, to gradually change the world.

The selected project, ‘Junt@s por el clima’ (‘Together for the climate’), consisted in reducing environmental pollution on the beaches by volunteers. Unfortunately, due to the health emergency we are experiencing with the Covid-19 pandemic, this project will not be able to be carried out. That is why, from the Jesuïtes de Bellvitge, they have decided to donate the 5000 euros prize to IDIBELL.

The group of winners took the lead and gave the prize to the IDIBELL internal medicine group, so they can invest it in combating the Covid-19 pandemic and thus contribute to promoting research and health.

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