Annual Report 2012


In 2012 the IDIBELL has positioned itself as a reference in healthcare innovation having driven a system of innovative public procurement in the field of health, in which the contractor and the bidder share the risks of the application of a new technology. The model, common in other countries, leverages the high purchasing capacity of the public sector.

The number of patents developed by IDIBELL researchers this year has increased considerably, as well as the license agreements with companies. 17 patents and 4 licenses testify IDIBELL’s bet on innovation and wealth generation.

Regarding the scientific production, in 2012 IDIBELL researchers have increased dramatically the amount and quality of their published articles. The total impact factor has grown over thousand points over the last years and the average impact factor rate has improved considerably. This activity demonstrates the dynamism and experience of IDIBELL researchers and confirms that in spite of the difficult times, our institute confirms itself as one of the reference centres of health research in the country.

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