The therapeutic videogame realized by IDIBELL researchers, one of the best ideas of the year for ‘Diario Médico’


The IDIBELL and the University Hospital of Bellvitge have received one of the awards to the Best Ideas of the Year, awarded by the newspaper specializing in medicine and health ‘Diario Médico’, for their therapeutic videogame, called Islands, directed to complement the therapy of patients with eating disorders or pathological gambling addiction.

This is the first video game designed specifically to be part of routine treatment of a disorder and also interacts with the patient’s feelings by biosensors. The game has been developed within the European consortium Playmancer for researchers and practitioners IDIBELL University Hospital of Bellvitge, Fernando Fernandez and Susana Jiménez Aranda Murcia and since last September, is being used regularly with success in the Department of Psychiatry the Hospital.

Best Ideas of the year at Bellvitge Campus
The prizes for the Best Ideas of the Year of ‘Diario Médico’ were presented at a gala held on November 7 at the National Theatre of Catalonia.

The University Hospital of Bellvitge has also received a prize in the category of Research and Pharmacology for being the world’s first center to perform a laparoscopic gastric plication using robotic surgery.

The Catalan Institute of Oncology at L’Hospitalet has been awarded two prizes. One in the category of Solidarity and Patronage by the setting up of a meditation and reflection room for patients and families in the Duran i Reynals Hospital. And another one in the category of Health Policy because the ICO will be the first center to test the joint venture agreement on new drugs that has started to implement the Catalan Health Institute. These contracts allow you to pay according to the drug benefits offered to the patient.

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