Generalitat de Catalunya

Research involving health sciences is an area of priority for the Generalitat de Catalunya. The Government is committed to developing knowledge for the benefit of society by driving policies for the promotion of research centres and supporting the creation of a business framework based on new technology-based health-related companies.
The Generalitat de Catalunya is present on the IDIBELL Board of Trustees through two departments: the Department of Health and the Department of Economics and Knowledge.


Bellvitge University Hospital

Bellvitge University Hospital belongs to the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS), the leading public entity in the provision of health services in Catalonia. The centre forms part of the Southern Metropolitan Territorial District of the ICS, the highest management and coordination body of all the centres, services and health institutions of the ICS in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Baix Llobregat, Alt Penedès and Garraf.

Bellvitge Hospital is one of only five hospitals in Catalonia with accreditation as third-level centres, the highest level of complexity, which allows them to provide care for patients who require the highest levels of technology. Their accredited experience and professionalism are one of the pillars of IDIBELL’s activity.


Catalan Institute of Oncology

The Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) was created in 2005 as a specialised public centre for the study of cancer. It approaches the disease in a comprehensive way, bringing together prevention, care, specialised training and research within the same organisation. The participation of the ICO positions IDIBELL as one of the leading centres for oncology research in Europe.

The ICO Network is made up of four centres, connected to major hospitals of the Catalan Institute of Health: ICO Hospitalet at Duran i Reynals Hospital; ICO Girona at Doctor Josep Trueta Hospital; ICO Badalona at Germans Trias i Pujol; and ICO Camp de Tarragona and Terres de l’Ebre at Joan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona and Virgen de la Cinta Hospital in Tortosa.


University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona is the leading public university in Catalonia in terms of the number of students and the educational offer. It is the leader for scientific production of the State, which makes it the leading university research centre in Spain and one of the most important in all of Europe, both in terms of the number of research programs offered and the excellence achieved in this field.

The Bellvitge Health Sciences Campus includes studies in Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Podiatry. With the combination of health care and high-level research, the campus is an ideal environment to offer quality training to future health professionals.

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