Hereditary cancer


A multidisciplinary research group which has been working in a clinical setting for over 20 years (Hereditary Cancer Programme of the Catalan Institute of Oncology) by providing genetic counselling on cancer and molecular/genetic tests. The group’s research focusses on improving healthcare for patients with a personal or family history of cancer or when the molecular features of the tumors developed may be used to guide treatment decisions. This research group aims:
- to improve clinical and molecular diagnosis, genetic counselling, management and treatment of individuals and families with an inherited predisposition to develop cancer and those having developed cancer;
- to study the genomics and molecular biology of hereditary benign and malignant tumors
- to develop and implement novel approaches that will improve the management of these patients and families including diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic applications
- to promote training, education, outreach to medical and scientific community, patients and society on hereditary cancer predisposition




Capellá Munar, Gabriel


Lazaro Garcia, Conxi

Principal investigators


Group leaders
  • Capellá Munar, Gabriel
  • Lázaro  García, Conxi
Principal investigators
Clinical researchers
Postdoctoral researchers (R2)
Predoctoral researchers (R1)
Scientific support
Administrative support
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