Hereditary cancer


A multidisciplinary research group which has been working in a clinical setting for over 20 years (Hereditary Cancer Programme of the Catalan Institute of Oncology) by providing genetic counselling on cancer and molecular/genetic tests. The group’s research focusses on improving healthcare for patients with a personal or family history of cancer or when the molecular features of the tumors developed may be used to guide treatment decisions. This research group aims:
- to improve clinical and molecular diagnosis, genetic counselling, management and treatment of individuals and families with an inherited predisposition to develop cancer and those having developed cancer;
- to study the genomics and molecular biology of hereditary benign and malignant tumors
- to develop and implement novel approaches that will improve the management of these patients and families including diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic applications
- to promote training, education, outreach to medical and scientific community, patients and society on hereditary cancer predisposition



Capella Munar

Capellá Munar, Gabriel

Conxi Lazaro

Lazaro Garcia, Conxi

Principal investigators

Capella Munar

Capellá Munar, Gabriel


Brunet Vidal, Joan María

Conxi Lazaro

Lazaro Garcia, Conxi

Agostina Stradella

Stradella, Agostina


Pineda Riu, Marta


Teule Vega, Alexandre


Group leaders
  • Capellá Munar, Gabriel
  • Lázaro  García, Conxi
Principal investigators
Clinical researchers
Postdoctoral researchers (R2)
Predoctoral researchers (R1)
Scientific support
Administrative support
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