More than € 60,000 to fight COVID-19

Viladecans contra el Càncer

From IDIBELL, we want to thank Viladecans volunteers for their altruism. Their contribution adds to #AmbUnSomriure or “Superheroes without a cape” campaigns that have sprouted during this crisis. Thanks to their creativity, dedication and all the anonymous micro-donations gathered they have made possible for the #BellvitgeInvestiga project collection to exceed € 60,000.


Viladecans: Different cause, same solidarity

The Coordinating Association “Viladecans against Cancer” has been collaborating with IDIBELL since 2016. Year after year, all the solidarity activities they have carried out have raised funds for various IDIBELL research projects against cancer, selected by members of the group.

As a result of the 2020 health crisis, the Association has decided exceptionally to reconvert its objective and join the collection of funds for COVID-19 research at IDIBELL. To do this, volunteers from the group have made cloth masks, hand-painted, which they are selling throughout the country.


#BellvitgeInvestiga: crowdfunding against COVID-19

IDIBELL goes hand in hand with large hospitals that have been receiving affected patients from COVID-19. In this situation, doctors, researchers, and healthcare personnel work together to care for patients, identify new targets for treatment, ways to prevent infection and to develop faster diagnostic methods.

To help stop the virus, #BellvitgeInvestiga was born, a crowdfunding initiative that receives financial aid through the online platform: We will dedicate all the donations received to promote the more than 75 research projects that have arisen to face the virus.


Until today, the #BellvitgeInvestiga campaign has received more than 150 donations (from € 5 to € 30,000). Any collaboration is necessary. Most come from l’Hospitalet and Barcelona, however, we have received aid from other areas of Catalonia, Madrid, Zaragoza, Linares or even Cambridge.

Thanks to all the donors who have collaborated!:

  • Associations of l’Hospitalet. Some have donated the tips that young people got doing chores for older people who have been unable to leave home.
  • Companies (for basic and clinical research)
  • Sabadell Bank Foundation (to support the Biobank)
  • Vodafone Foundation (through the students from Jesuits of Bellvitge)
  • Coordinating Association “Viladecans against Cancer”

And thanks for all the fundraising campaigns that have collaborated!:

  • #RosesEnConfinament. This initiative sold and deliver roses to health personnel in Sant Jordi.
  • Pahissa i Pié t-shirts. This printing business in l’Hospitalet sells solidarity t-shirts in favour of the health workers.
  • Superheroes without a cape (on the platform Mi grano de Arena)
  • #AmbUnSomriure. Chef Nandu Jubany and the clothing company CSTY have designed and sold solidarity face masks. This initiative has been very well received and is still active. If you still don’t have your mask, get it here.


How to collaborate?

Write to us at and we will find the best way to contribute. Or you can enter and make your donation through our platform.


Be part of this alliance in which society, doctors, researchers and health personnel are doing everything possible to stop the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus!

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