Laura Valle has received the CIBERONC 2020 award

Laura Valle

The researcher Laura Valle has been awarded the CIBERONC 2020 award at the IV Annual CIBERONC Meeting held at the National School of Health of the Carlos III Health Institute in Madrid.

Laura Valle, a principal investigator in the IDIBELL hereditary cancer group and CIBERONC researcher, has received the Best CIBERONC 2020 Researcher Award. The award recognizes all the merits of the researcher in the last decade, considering the five best publications, three projects led, and contribution to cancer research. Her research focuses on improving the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of people who are at risk of developing cancer. Among the most relevant contributions of the group are the identification of FAN1 and BRF1 as possible causal genes for hereditary colorectal cancer, and the molecular and clinical characterization of several syndromes of this type of cancer, which has had a highly relevant impact on their translation to genetic diagnosis and counseling.

Text adapted from CIBERONC news.

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