IDIBELL presents its action plan for excellence in human resources for researchers 2015-2018


IDIBELL has presented the action plan in Human Resources to obtain the accreditation of ‘HR excellence in Research’ from the European Commission. It is a recognition of the institution’s commitment to the development of a human resources strategy for researchers, aligned with the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers adopted by the European Commission in 2005 .

The IDIBELL Board of Trustees approved the Action Plan for the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) 2015-2018 on December 10, which aligns the institution’s human resources objectives with the principles established by the ‘European Charter for Researchers’ and by the European Commission’s ‘Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers’.
The HRS4R supports research institutions and funding organizations in the application of the Charter and the Code in their policies and practices. The objective of this plan is to make research institutions more attractive to the researchers who work in them, and at the same time attract new researchers. The “HR Excellence in Research” logo will identify institutions and organizations as providers and supporters of a stimulating and supportive work environment.

IDIBELL aims to recognize its researchers and workers, as well as researchers from the partner institutions of the Bellvitge Campus: the Catalan Institute of Oncology, the University Hospital of Bellvitge, the Hospital of Viladecans and the University of Barcelona, ​​as  essential contributors for IDIBELL’s success, offering an encouraging and stimulating work environment that promotes equal opportunities, ethical integrity and work-life balance.

On August 1, 2013, IDIBELL adhered to the European Charter and Code and began a process to design an action plan that would improve the alignment of the institution’s policies and actions in human resources with the 40 principles set forth in this documents.

During the months of May and June 2014, an internal analysis of the institution was carried out through surveys of IDIBELL staff as well as sectoral meetings. Once the diagnosis was made, a working group formed by representatives of the different labor groups that make up IDIBELL was formed to draft the action plan of the HRS4R 2015-2018.
The main purposes of this document are to impact the European financing scenario (H2020); position IDIBELL as a stimulating and favorable workplace for researchers at the international level and establish a global and coherent HR strategy adopting good practices and international quality standards.

The Action Plan has been approved by the IDIBELL management, the internal and external scientific committees and the bosses of the institution. Once the plan is approved by the European Commission, an internal monitoring committee will be appointed to evaluate the correct implementation of the plan as well as its annual self-evaluation. Finally, the plan will also be subject to external evaluation by the European Commission.

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