Experts from around the world participate in the XIII International Gynecological Surgery Course of the Bellvitge University Hospital

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According to the director of the course, Jordi Ponce, “for this edition, we have proposed as monographic topics endometrial cancer of all types and routes of surgical approach, from simple vaginal hysterectomy to the most complex robotic staging, the surgical treatment of uterine myoma with hysteroscopic approach, laparoscopic, robotics or laparotomy, and, finally, the meshes in the pelvic floor, its complications, and its surgery”.

Surgery in live

Surgery in live will be performed by leading figures on the international scene, with the participation, among others, of John Bogges, Chapel Hill School of Medicine in North Carolina (USA), a recognized expert in robotic surgery oncology; Arnaud Wattiez, renowned professor of laparoscopic surgery at the University Strasbourg (France); Victor Acharian, researcher and surgeon using mesh to correct pelvic floor defects; Srini Vindla, of Kings Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire (UK), and Mario Franchini, of the Azienda Health of Florence (Italy), all of them experts in hysteroscopic resection of uterine intracavitary pathology.

This edition incorporates robotic surgery broadcast live, with real three-dimensional viewing using the Da Vinci robotic system in interactive dialogue with the audience.

Master Conference

Also, thanks to the close relationship of the Bellvitge University Hospital with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, Yadamala Balasubbaiah (Fundación Vicente Ferrer, Kalyandurg Hospital, India), will demonstrate his expert surgical technique, and will pronounce the IDIBELL conference entitled Shift towards Minimal Invasive Surgery In India – Pros and Cons. It will be on Thursday 14th at 15h in the main hall of the University Hospital of Bellvitge.

The Gynecology Department the Bellvitge University Hospital is exclusively specialized in surgical gynecology and particularly in cancer surgery. It performs about 1,000 surgeries each year, and it has consolidated its efficiency with an average stay of less than 2.4 days, despite the growing tendency to select high modernization cancer processes.

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