IDIBELL participates in the European project VESSEL

Mariona Graupera (1)

The research team on Signaling pathways in angiogenesis led by Mariona Graupera will be part of the European Training Network VESSEL composed by nine leading European laboratories in the field of angiogenesis.

The main goal of the program explained the researcher Mariona Graupera “is to train scientists who, in the future, have the best tools to lead research in Europe”. Specifically, the VESSEL consortium aims to create a multidisciplinary training network for young researchers in the fields of embryonic development of blood and lymphatic vessels, analysis of their structural integrity and function in various tissues, in normal and pathological conditions.

In the laboratory led by Graupera two pre-doctoral students will be joined. According to the researcher, “being part of this program is a unique opportunity because we can stay in touch and work together with leading European centres in our field”.

The project VESSEL (Vascular Endothelial InteractionS and SpEciaLization) which is integrated in the Marie Curie European ITN (Initial Training Network), recruits twelve PhD students and three postdoctoral researchers. The consortium is funded with 4 million euros over the next four years. To ensure the internationalization of the network, candidates must have been born in a European country different of the centre where they postulate, or have been living in another country for more than twelve months.

The research centers involved in VESSEL project are:

  • Universitat d’Edimburg, Escòcia. Alexander Medvinsky
  • Universitat de Milà, Itàlia. Elisabeta Dejana
  • Universitat de Helsinky, Finlàndia. Kari Alitalo
  • Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques de Bellvitge (IDIBELL), Espanya. Mariona Graupera
  • Universitat de Lausanne, Suïssa. Tatiana Petrova
  • Institut Karolinska, Suècia. Christer Betsholtz
  • Institut Max Planck de Biomedicina Molecular, Alemanya. Ralf Adams
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