IDIBELL and Mind the Byte signed collaboration agreement

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IDIBELL and the company Mind the Byte have signed a cooperation agreement to carry out joint research activities. The framework agreement of cooperation includes the exchange of research personnel, the project development and the use of scientific facilities.

Innovative technology to facilitate research

Mind the Byte is a Catalan R&D company located on the Bellvitge campus in the Biopol’H incubator and it is dedicated to providing solutions to applied research. Alfonso Nonell, CEO of Mind the Byte, says that the company is dedicated to providing services to researchers “by computer analysis, researchers can discard molecules from different search criteria to identify a set of compounds having the desired effect”.

Mind the Byte settled in the bioincubator on May 2012. It is specialized in cheminformatics and bioinformatics, and provides services to researchers analyzing large amounts of data and predicting the activity of compounds based on the realization of virtual models.

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