Presented certificates of IDIBELL summer internships


On December 2nd was held the awarding of diplomas to the ten students who have completed the summer internship at IDIBELL.

The event was chaired by the Director General of IDIBELL, Emilià Pola. Also attending the scientific director, Gabriel Capellà, the scientific deputy director, Marga Nadal and the researchers Isabel Fabregat, Cristina Muñoz-Pinedo, Merce Perez, Carlos Soriano, Carles Solsona.

Students Rafael Alcala, Marta Félez, Xavier Ramon Gallart, Judith Lopez, Toni Nogales Masana and Vanessa who have had as tutors the researchers Carles Solsona, Cristina Costa, Carlos Soriano, Isabel Fabregat, Jordi Llorens and Manel Esteller, respectively, collected their diplomas.

The researchers Cristina Muñoz-Pinedo and Merce Perez collected the diplomas on behalf of their trainees Jesus Javier Galindo and Laura Sparcia. ANúria Sima who has performed the internship with the Alex Vaquero group, could not attend the presentation of diplomas.

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