DNA in my pocket

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Some forty secondary and high school students of L’Hospitalet have had the opportunity to discover the research of IDIBELL during activities that the center has prepared to celebrate the Week of Science.

As if they were real scientists, students carried out an experiment that they can easily repeat at home. They extracted their DNA, their genetic material, from their cells and they have been able to take it home in a test tube. With simple materials: dishwashing soap, some salt, chilled alcohol, and instructions for laboratory technicians of IDIBELL, boys and girls have got a sample of their oral mucosa, have broken the nucleus of its cells and have separated their DNA in an aqueous solution. Many of them have seen a whitish mass which is genetic material. Those who have not achieved it today can try it again at home as many times as they want. Then, with their DNA in their pocket, have closely followed the explanations of the Ignacio Blanco IDIBELL researcher about what is DNA and how genetics can be applied in various fields: from medicine to the fight against climate change or the discovery of new renewable energy.

The centers participating in the activity have been Escola Balaguer, Escola Tecla Sala, the Institut Eugeni d’Ors and the Institut Torres i Bages, all of them at L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

This activity is part of the ‘Bellvitge Researches’ program, which IDIBELL has scheduled for the Week of Science that the institute has held from 7 to November 18 with the aim of bringing the research to society. In addition to this school activity, seven conferences have been held by IDIBELL researchers about their research in various areas: cancer, snuff, the use of antibiotics or kidney transplant and others. During these days the lobby of the Hospital Duran i l’Hospitalet Reynals has hosted an exhibition on various projects carried out in the IDIBELL and you can also watch this video, prepared on the occasion of Science Week.

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