IDIBELL funds its activity with public and private funds, from various institutions.

Biomedical research has become an increasingly collective activity; the result of the collaboration of different people and institutions who contribute their knowledge and their experience to achieve a common goal: the improvement of human health.

European administrations

IDIBELL leads or collaborates in various high-level projects sponsored by the European Commission. In recent years, researchers at the institute have considerably increased their participation in European projects.

Spanish government

EThe Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness and the Carlos III Health Institute (ISCIII) promote research in the field of health sciences through the development of various research programmes. IDIBELL finances a large part of its activities through the ISCII Strategic Health Action. In addition, it participates in several national research networks (CIBER and RETIC) and collaborates on numerous ERDF projects FEDER.

Generalitat of Catalonia

The Catalan Government is part of the IDIBELL Board of Trustees, through the Department of Health and the Department of Economy and Knowledge. The Department of Health makes structural contributions to the operation of the institute. In addition to these contributions to the annual budget, the Generalitat de Catalunya funds several competitive projects, through various calls for tender.


SINGULARS 2019 Project: Implementation of Personalized Medicine in IDIBELL. Creation, rehabilitation and adaptation of new spaces for the implementation of the new Personalized Medicine program at IDIBELL

The Singulars 2019 project finances the rehabilitation and adaptation of several IDIBELL facilities with the aim of improving and integrating the processes of management and storage of biological samples and their associated data. New spaces for processing and preserving biological samples will be enabled, and the Bioinformatics Unit will be equipped to strengthen the management of the data derived from the analysis of these samples.

The project is a boost for Personalized Medicine in the campus and will allow patients at the Catalan Institute of Oncology (ICO) and Bellvitge Hospital (HUB) to benefit from new and improved infrastructure, while helping to create new knowledge.

This project has a budget of € 2,124,000 and is co-financed by € 1,062,000 by the Department of Research and Universities of the Generalitat de Catalunya, in the framework of Call EMC / 954/2019, of April 9. , for the realization of singular institutional projects that make possible the generation of research of excellence, the attraction of the talent and the development of activities of transfer of knowledge and valorisation, by means of the construction, the acquisition, the habilitation or the substantial extension of buildings for infrastructures of R&D.

Projectes Singulars 2015 FEDER S-19

The Integration Project of the Center for Regenerative Medicine of Barcelona (CMR[B]) within the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) was granted € 1,705,491.55 from ERDF funds (Singular projects 2015 ERDF S-19) and € 1,650,000 from the Department of Health / Generalitat of Catalonia (Government Agreement 06-10-2015) to be invested in space remodeling, new facilities and equipment.

4locaLHealth. Territorial Specialization and Competitiveness Project: Research, Innovation and Health in the territory through personalized medicine

The 4locaLHealth project is the result of a strategic alignment from the L'Hospitalet City Council and the rest of the collaborating entities of the project (IDIBELL, Bellvitge University Hospital, Catalan Institute of Oncology and Sant Joan de Déu Maternal and Child Hospital) to promote personalized medicine as a sector of territorial specialization to advance in the development of health research and innovation, as well as in the generation of new economic activity, linking the business network and the industry, to improve the quality of life of citizens. IDIBELL is leading two operations of the 4locaLHealth project, which is part of the FEDER Operational Program for Catalonia 2014-2020:

The main objective of the operation Impulse in research and innovation structures to respond to the new challenges of personalized medicine is to expand the capacity of the HUB-ICO-IDIBELL Biobank; deploy the Bioinformatics Unit; empower the patient to take a more active and conscious role in the management of their disease and in the processes of defining research objectives; and accelerate research projects in Personalized Medicine. This operation has a budget of € 907,073.74 and is co-financed by a budget from the Generalitat Administration of € 453,536.87.

The main objectives of the operation 5P Medicine Project operation at Bellvitge University Hospital are to become a reference center in molecular diagnosis for non-neoplastic constitutive diseases; create the Microbiota Bank to facilitate TMF in patients with severe C. difficile disease and apply the knowledge generated to be applied in other pathologies; and to create the Clinical Genetics Unit linked mainly to Minority Diseases. This operation has a budget of € 936,147.50 and is co-financed by a budget from the Generalitat Administration of € 468,073.75.

'Clúster Biomédico'

The Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) is a partner of a Territorial Competitiveness and Specialization Project (PECT) of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat called 'Hospitalet, an innovative health ecosystem' and co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The Institute participates in the Project with the operation 'Biomedical Cluster' which aims to promote and facilitate translational research of proven scientific excellence, integrating innovation and technology transfer in biomedicine, as well as empowering L'Hospitalet as a biotechnological cluster to face new challenges of personalized medicine, fostering synergies among the territorial actors.

The operation, which is scheduled for the January 2018 - December 2020 period, has a budget of 1,232,093.91 euros.

For more information you can visit this website.


Private bodies

IDIBELL, as a research centre at Bellvitge University Hospital and Duran i Reynals Hospital (ICO), has entered into collaboration agreements with pharmaceutical and biotech companies in order to evaluate new drugs and medical devices in various phases of development.

Furthermore, IDIBELL also receives competitive funding from various private entities that facilitate the performance of research activities aimed at improving human health.

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