Molecular Interactions

The Molecular Interactions Platform provides scientific-technological support to the scientific community in the field of molecular interactions and metabolism using several approaches. First, Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) allows real-time monitoring of any type of molecular interactions (protein-protein, protein-drugs, protein-vesicles, protein-RNA, …) and performs high-precision measurements of affinity and kinetic constants, binding specificity, isotyping and screening of potential medications/drugs. Next, Luminex and SIMOA technology allows the detection of up to fifty different biomarkers at once in biological samples and fluids using the technology of magnetic beads. Finally, metabolism and bioenergetics, driving cellular functions such as cell signalling, proliferation, or cell fate, can be measured with the Seahorse in real-time in living cells. Mitochondrial respiration, glycolysis, ATP rate oxidation and fatty acid oxidation can be measured with high precision.
Our mission is to provide an integrated support, from experimental design, optimization of assay conditions, experiment execution to data analysis and reporting. Our state-of-the art technology together with the large experience and know-how in biomedical research and protein science are at the service of both internal and external researchers.

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Head of Platform
  • Silvia Barceló Batllori
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