The People Department is in charge of managing all processes related to IDIBELL's human resources in a comprehensive manner. The department is organized into 3 units: Personnel Management, Talent and Occupational health.

The Personnel management Unit manages all the procedures related to the work environment of IDIBELL workers, as well as the personnel affiliated to the institution, ensuring compliance with current labor legislation. The unit is in charge of developing and implementing hiring, compensation and conciliation policies, among others.

The Talent Unit is in charge of coordinating the entire talent cycle, from the process of attraction, empowerment, evaluation and recognition to the departure. The unit is in charge of managing the selection processes and designing training according to the needs of the institution.

The IDIBELL Occupational health Unit (IDIBELL's Own Prevention Service), together with the ICO's Own Prevention Service, constitute the Joint Own Prevention Service (SPPM-ICO-IDIBELL), in the terms provided in RD 39/97 of Regulation of prevention services. The Unit is in charge of defining and implementing IDIBELL's occupational risk prevention policy.

Ponce Sebastia, Jordi



Personnel management
+34 93 260 72 90

+34 93 260 38 18

Occupational health
+34 93 260 72 03


Heads of unit
  • Orce Caurel, Núria
  • Delgado Morales, Raül
Administrative support
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