Embryonic Cell Bioimaging


Embryo development involves finely regulated cellular behaviors that coordinate the acquisition of cell fate with morphogenetic movements. Our lab studies embryonic dynamics across scales from molecular pathways to cell behaviour and collective cell-tissue interactions in their natural environment. We use a quantitative microscopy approach to perform live imaging of zebrafish, mouse, and human embryos and embryoids. We evaluate how the embryo solves the frequent anomalies found at early stages and self-repair to progress in development. We are interested in the protective, regenerative, and immune abilities of embryonic epithelial tissues. Studying dynamics and mechanics of embryonic phagocytosis, we aim to discover new paths to improve human fertility and regeneration of differentiated tissues. Our goal is to understand how stem cells start acting collectively to establish the minimum requirements for organ formation, including the capacity to restore homeostasis after damage.




Hoijman Kleinman, Esteban

Principal investigators


Group leader
  • Hoijman Kleinman, Esteban
Predoctoral researchers
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