Researchers discover a set of poor prognosis markers in patients with colon and rectal cancer

This is a group of genes that are expressed in cancer cells that survive chemotherapy treatment. Its activity generates resistance to treatment and a greater capacity to cause metastasis.

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One research allows the removal of brain tumors preserving an area of the language better

An investigation will now allow brain tumors to be removed preserving better an area of language using an imaging technique that describes, according to the position and degree of the tumor, the type of displacement or destruction of a part of the brain directly related to the semantics and spelling of language.

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In vitro and in vivo assays identifies a combination of two drugs that have the potential to improve the treatment of MPNST

The screening of a drug library against peripheral nerve sheath tumors identifies the combination of two compounds that reduce tumor growth in two mouse models.

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IDIBELL supports Health Department charges investigated following a lawsuit

Four senior officials of the Department of Health have received a complaint from the Union of the National Police Force, Police Justice (Jupol) and the Association of the Civil Guard, Civil Justice (Jucil), due to the delay in vaccination of National Police and the Civil Guard offices destined to Catalonia. They are Carmen Cabezas, Secretary …

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The spin-off from IDIBELL Aptadel Therapeutics receives European support from Eurostars

This grant will be used to develop a targeted treatment based on nanoparticles for pediatric cancer Ewing’s Sarcoma.

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New mural in tribute to Dr. Anna Veiga

The mural is located in the CEIP Pinedo of Valencia and is a piece by the artist Marta Lapeña. This is the mural number 27 of the project with which the UPV and Las Naves are filling the Valencian educational centers with science and art, in feminine.

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IDIBELL obtains the third position in the BCN Salut Games 2022

340 members of IDIBELL have participated in this year’s Solidarity Olympics, and with their donations, they will help La Fundació de La Marató de TV3.

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A new study on the effectiveness of two intravenous treatments for trigeminal neuralgia

A retrospective study by IDIBELL and the Hospital Universitario de Bellvitge with 144 cases shows that intravenous treatment with lacosamide and phenytoin is effective and safe.

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Six runners complete the Zurich Marató de Barcelona and raise funds for ALS research

The runners resolved to collect 5,000 euros for ALS research at IDIBELL and the Bellvitge University Hospital. In exchange, they promised to complete the Marathon.

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