Presentation of the new confocal microscope of the Bioimaging platform

The Bioimaging Platform of the IDIBELL Scientific-technical Services has incorporated a new high-performance equipment, which is the Carl Zeiss LSM980 confocal microscope equipped with the Airyscan2 detector

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Allogeneic transplantation from a matched registry donor may have better results than that from a less well-matched relative

A study led by the Catalan Institute of Oncology and IDIBELL, published in the scientific journal ‘Transplantation and Cellular Therapy’, concludes that, whenever possible, it is better for the patient to receive a transplant from a highly compatible registry donor than from a haploidentical donor with a family relationship, but less compatible.

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Viladecans Against Cancer donates €25,000 to IDIBELL for research into personalized medicine for this disease

The donation, the result of the solidarity campaigns organized by the Association throughout 2022, will be used to finance the generation of a new experimental model for the study of predisposition to cancer, a project based on personalized medicine, and the use of stem cells to modeling diseases.

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A drug that boosts the regeneration of stem cells extends life expectancy in mice

The work focuses on endogenous blood stem cell rejuvenation as a possible strategy to regenerate tissues and improve the health and life expectancy of the elderly.

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Identified four genes that increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and acts

Although further research is needed to determine whether the identification of genetic markers may lead to the development of new targeted treatments, these findings help to understand how these markers may condition the pathology of suicidal thoughts and actions.

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The Niemann-Pick Foundation finances a clinical trial of a drug to stop the cognitive deterioration of the disease

Today the Niemann-Pick Spain Foundation came to deliver the check for 71,056.25 euros that will fully finance a pilot study to determine the efficacy and safety of the drug Efavirenz to alleviate the cognitive deterioration of patients with this minority disease of genetic origin and for which there is currently no treatment. The event was …

The Niemann-Pick Foundation finances a clinical trial of a drug to stop the cognitive deterioration of the disease Read More »

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A study that identifies for the first time more than 100 new genetic factors linked to colorectal cancer

This is the largest study on the genetics of colorectal cancer risk. The study, carried out by a global consortium, with the participation of IDIBELL and the Catalan Institute of Oncology, opens new strategies for treatment and chemoprevention.

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Funded the UPDATE project that will promote the leadership of IDIBELL in Horizon Europe

The Ministry of Science and Innovation and the State Research Agency, in the call for Grants for the Preparation and Management of European Projects, have financed the project “UPDATE – SUPporting IDIBELL reseArchers To succeed in Horizon Europe”.

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A receptor until now considered a death promoter in tumor cells could induce the growth of lung cancer

A study by IDIBELL and the University of Amsterdam published in the journal Cell Death and Disease shows that TRAIL protein receptors induce the expression of IL-8, a protein that promotes tumor development and angiogenesis in lung tumors.

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