Discovery of Epigenetic Factors. Predicting the Severity of COVID-19

We found that there were epigenetic variations, the chemical switches that regulate DNA activity, in the individuals positive for the virus who developed a severe COVID-19.

Created the largest public database of genetic variants that regulate the expression of genes in the colon to date

The study has also permitted identify genetic variants that modify the expression of genes in the colon and that are associated with diseases such as colorectal cancer, but also with other organs such as the brain, showing the relationship between the intestine and the brain.

Voice analysis with artificial intelligence models may allow early detection of bulbar involvement in ALS

An investigation by the International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) and the University of Lleida (UdL), in which IDIBELL and the Hospital de Bellvitge has participated, has developed automated voice markers to identify early affectations of the disease.

IDIBELL researchers define a new mechanism of aging in a bone marrow stem cell in women

To equilibrate the gene expression between XX females and XY males, one of female X chromosomes is inactivated. Researchers from IDIBELL Regenerative Program has discovered that this inactivation is affected in bone marrow aged stem cells.

Years of disease have a decisive impact on the response to the treatment of eating disorders (ED)

A study by IDIBELL and Bellvitge Hospital establishes, for the first time, a temporary criterion for the risk of chronicity of symptoms for the different subtypes of ED.

Researchers define the clinical characteristics of the cerebral complications caused by oncological immunotherapies that determine the evolution

The study describes two syndromes, which combine clinical manifestations and differential cerebrospinal fluid profiles, which determine a different prognosis in patients.

Possible new biomarker for Parkinson’s disease

The biomarker candidate is a fragment of a neuronal receptor that can be detected in the cerebrospinal fluid.

A study predicts that in 2030 there will be more cases and more deaths from endometrial cancer in Catalonia among women over 65 years-old

The data obtained show a decrease in the incidence and a slight increase in mortality from endometrial cancer. The study was conducted by the Infections and Cancer research group from IDIBELL, ICO, and the Oncology Master Plan.

Genetic variations of testosterone receptor predispose to severe COVID-19 in men

The presence of a high number of repeats of a specific amino acid in the androgen or testosterone receptor is related to a worse clinical course of COVID-19.

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