Project portfolio

IDIBELL has a wide portfolio of innovative projects in different stages of maturity. Here you will find some of our projects that are in “active marketing” status for which we are looking for collaborations with the industry and possible licensees. IDIBELL's innovation portfolio contains more than 150 translational projects in the different IDIBELL Research Areas. We are also open to new collaborations promoted by the industry.


Virtual therapeutic communities in cancer to facilitate the construction of healthy experiences

Inventors: C.Ochoa (IDIBELL/ICO)

A flexible, scaled and integrated e-Health educational and psychosocial services program that guarantees correct screening, monitoring and support in health education, adherence to treatments, and the provision of emotional care and psychosocial cancer quality.

Urine biomarker and reprofiling drug for cystinuria treatment and/or relief

Inventors: López de Heredia M (CIBER), Nunes V (IDIBELL - UB)

Novel urine biomarker for cystine lithiasis. Natural compound with no described toxicity to retard cystine lithiasis onset.

Biosensor-Based Video Game Complementary Tool For Gambling And Eating Disorders Treatment

Inventors: F. Fernández-Aranda (HUB), Z. Agüera (HUB), S. Jimenez (HUB)

Biosensor-based Video Game. Mobile/tablet device app development. Improvement of impulsivity in patients with gambling and eating disorders.

Companion diagnostic for cutaneous and uveal melanoma

Inventors: Fabra A (IDIBELL), Ferreres JR (HUB), Caminal JM (HUB)

Prognostic biomarker for cutaneous and uveal melanoma. Combination therapy for metastatic melanoma. Inhibition of metastasis and survival of cancer Stem Cells.

A new method to reduce the side effects of Ocular Brachytherapy

Inventors: Lorenzo D (HUB), Caminal JM (HUB)

This nanotechnology reduces the radiation dose for an effective treatment. Increasing the array of tumors capable to treat by standard Brachytherapy.

Regenerative medicine for the treatment of heart disease

Inventors: Raya A (IDIBELL)

An effective tool for drug screening in heart disease models. Regenerative medicine for the treatment of heart disease. A potential biological patch for post-infarct scars. A new technology for the generation of mature human cardiomyocytes.

A web-based platform for the identification of fronto-subcortical connectivity disruptions of brain disorders

Inventors: Soriano, C (IDIBELL)

Easy-to-use web-based platform to identify biomarkers. Specific neuropsychiatric symptoms-guided brain disorder identification. First diagnosis for effective treatment selection.

Diagnostic test for azoospermia origin

Inventors: Larriba S (IDIBELL)

Non-invasive azoospermia biomarkers & Kit development. High sensitivity and specificity (>90%). Effective azoospermia test in seminal plasma to avoid unnecessary biopsies.

New facial paralysis rehabilitation software

Inventors: Montesinos N (HUB)

A real-time software to facial paralysis patients rehabilitation. An improvement of the existing mirror therapy.

Predictive Drug-companion Diagnostic Test for Cancer Therapeutic Resistance

Inventors: Casanovas O (IDIBELL, ICO)

New predictive drug companion biomarker. NCE for Tumors AA-resistant treatment. In Vitro test for diagnosis, prognosis & prediction of response to cancer treatment.

An Endo-Luminal Linear Anastomosis (ELLA) Stapler

Inventors: Golda T (IDIBELL, HUB)

A new device for endo-luminal linear anastomosis (ELLA) surgeries. A stapler to reduce surgical trauma. A novel safe and easy approach of laparoscopic procedure.

New target Therapy for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Inventors: Eva González-Suárez (IDIBELL)

New strategy to inhibit RANK pathway for the treatment of TNBC. RANK is expressed in 40% of TNBC where it was linked with poor clinical outcomes. Cost-effective therapy for TNBC and NSCLC easing the economic burden

PURPOSE: C4BP-based biologics as novel immunomodulators

Inventors: Aran J. M. (IDIBELL)

An attempt to restore the immune homeostasis from patients suffering from immune-inflammatory processes such as GvHD, autoimmune diseases and transplant rejection. This physiological immunomodulator overcomes the side effects of the present immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory drugs, and enables to perform pharmacological therapy.

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