May 2023

Advances in the approach to multiple sclerosis, within reach of patients on World MS Day

The Neurological Diseases and Neurogenetics research group of the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) and the Multiple Sclerosis Unit of the Neurology Service of the HUB have co-organized this day to explain the new advances achieved in the approach and search of the disease and to give voice to patients.

IDIBELL and the University of Iowa developed a new molecule for targeted treatment against cancer

It is an aptamer, a small nucleic acid molecule that specifically recognizes a receptor highly expressed in tumor cells of breast cancer, sarcoma, melanoma, and colon cancer, among others. The new molecule could be linked to cancer treatments and used as a platform for localized drug delivery that reduces side effects.

Personalized therapies based on the study of genetic alterations could increase the survival of nasal NK-T lymphoma

A study focused on this disease compares patients in Spain, where it is a rare disease, and the results of other studies carried out in East Asia and Latin America, where the disease is more frequent and prevalent among the population.

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