Manifesto against the war

Every day we work to save lives, now we only can condemn the Ukraine invasion with a war that only serves to take lives away.


From IDIBELL we want to express our absolute rejection of the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army and the violation of international rights that these events entail. We firmly believe that there is no justification for war and violence.


Ukraine is a democratic country, fully entitled to decide its own future. We reject any military threat aimed at limiting the rights and freedoms of a people. Dismayed by the images that reach us from Ukraine, we feel the need to raise our voice against war and in favour of peace.


As a biomedical research centre, we know that international cooperation is essential for the advancement of society. The collaboration and joint work of research teams from around the world has been key to carrying out the scientific-health improvements that we have seen in recent times. We are certain that this situation can only pose a threat to science, health and culture.


In the IDIBELL community we advocate for dialogue and cooperation to avoid violent conflicts. We wish the immediate cessation of the war in Ukraine and the search for concerted solutions that respect human rights and the principles of international sovereignty. At the same time, we want to show our deepest solidarity with all the victims of this conflict.



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