The researcher Purificación Muñoz receives the V Martí Via prize


Dr. Purificación Muñoz, a researcher at the IDIBELL (Oncobell Program), has been awarded with the V Martí Vía Prize for cancer research, an award given annually by the Vallformosa Foundation and GESCO Family. The grant is endowed with 30,000 euros. This amount is assigned, year after year, to professionals and researchers from areas related to pediatric or adult oncology to develop a research project in a national or international reference center.

The award ceremony took place last night, November 28th, at Masia d’Esplugues, in a gala presented by Anna Bertran. Dr. Muñoz took the floor to effusively thank the prize received, and explained to the gala attendees the research project they will carry out. The award-winning project aims to study why some head and neck and skin tumours respond to immunotherapy and others do not, and how tumour cell characteristics influence this response. This study will be carried out by the Aging and Cancer group at IDIBELL-Oncobell Program, and Drs. Ricard Mesia, Miren Taberna, María Plana and Josep M Piulats of the Medical Oncology Service from ICO, and Dr. Rosa M Penín and Monsterrat Gomà of the Pathological Anatomy Service of the Bellvitge University Hospital.

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