Innovation for value turns Barcelona into the world capital of health innovation


On November 8, Barcelona will host Innovation for Value #I4V, a conference in which the opportunities offered by innovation and new technologies in the field of health will be analyzed. The meeting will involve some of the most important experts in health innovation in the world with the aim of discussing new trends within the sector, what will be their acceptance in the market and how these innovations will affect scientific research.

The advances and new businesses related to the health sector are increasingly linked to technological innovation and this fact will be dealt with in the six panels scheduled during the day. Thus, issues such as private financing within the sector, the rise of mHealth as a communication channel between doctor and patient, the use of digital therapies (DTx) to improve patient experience and adherence to treatments, the use of Big Data and its integration into research processes, how to deal with the aging of the population or the ethical issues raised by the edition of the human genome will be some of the issues that will be discussed by the most important leaders in the health field.

Among the speakers, there will be Cristina Bescos, director of EIT Health Spain; Marta Gaia, CEO of Nina Capital; Andreas Weiler, director of Supply Cell & Gene Therapy at Novartis; Andrew Roddam, vice president of strategy and data design at GSK; Alain Huriez, founder and president of EPEMED (European Personalized Medicine Association) and Damián García-Olmo, a researcher who has developed the first European drug based on stem cells from donors.

Innovation for value is co-organized by the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) and the Platform for Innovation in Medical and Health Technologies (ITEMAS), whose mission is to develop an applied research of excellence, which integrates knowledge and innovation into health, to contribute to the improvement of people’s quality of life.

Galo Peralta, national coordinator of ITEMAS, points out that “this meeting is an excellent opportunity to bring together different innovation professionals in the field of health around the world and know where our differences are to improve the efficiency of healthcare and so that society can benefit from it”.

During the conference, which will take place at the Bellvitge University Hospital, participants will also analyze the new businesses that arise thanks to scientific innovation and what possible synergies and collaborations will be born thanks to them within the field. In addition, the peculiarities that exist in each region of the world (Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US) will be taken into account in order to put into value what is being done in these places and what is, and will be in the future, its development.

Gabriel Capellá, director of IDIBELL, affirms that “in order to stimulate scientific excellence in health research, cooperation between the different agents involved is essential. Only in this way coordinated actions can be established, allowing access to ambitious and competitive projects internationally. In addition, this cooperation also helps researchers establish standardized protocols, Good Practice Guidelines and increase the quality of research.”

Thus, on November 8, Innovation for value will make Barcelona the world capital of health innovation. An international meeting where trends in the health sector will be announced and the latest innovations in health will be discovered.

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